1958-67: Part time radio announcer and show host at several different Erie, Pa. commercial stations. Began by reading news, then hosted a variety of music shows, including jazz programs from around 1962-67, when moved to St. Paul, MN.

In Erie, also produced and hosted a 15-minute sports show, and did color commentary on local high school basketball and football games.

1988-92: Produced and hosted a two-hour Sunday morning modern jazz show on KTCJ-AM (690), a commercial (“smooth jazz’’) station in Minneapolis/St. Paul (the Twin Cities).

1993-2001: Produced and hosted a three-hour (sometimes four) jazz show on Mondays from 7-10 p.m. on KBEM-FM (88.5), Minneapolis/St. Paul, a public station operated by the Minneapolis Public Schools. The show was the station’s highest rated evening program, either first or second at raising funds during pledge drives (usually beaten by a Saturday morning bluegrass program), and was underwritten by such major sponsors as Starbucks Coffee and Northwest Airlines.

2003-Present: Occasional producer and/or co-host of  Jazz With Joe DiGiorgio,’’ 7-9 p.m. Sundays on NPR station WQLN-FM (91.3), Erie. Produced and co-hosted two Christmas jazz shows and two all-singers programs as part of working with DiGiorgio on a number of membership drive programs. DiGiorgio always exceeded his goal. Also produced and co-hosted an all-Cole Porter show, and a jazz Grammy nominees show for DiGiorgio.




1959-67: Was a news anchor for a year at the CBS affiliate (WSEE) in Erie, when the station broadcast from the newsroom of the Erie Morning News. Also was a  booth’’ announcer for the NBC affiliate (WICU) in Erie.

1990s: Hosted and did commentary for a five-part jazz series for Cable Access TV in Minneapolis/St. Paul, produced and directed by David Zierott. The series earned a national Cable Access award.







1959-67:  Erie Morning News, Erie, Pa.  General assignment reporter; suburban, county and city government beats; weekly radio/TV column; once-a-week general column.


1967-1998:  St. Paul, Mn. Pioneer Press

1967-77: General assignment reporter; covered human-civil rights; elementary-secondary education, courts; part-time pop music critic/columnist.


1977-1998 Fulltime arts/entertainment critic/columnist/feature writer, specializing in jazz and non-rock popular music that included interviews and recording and concert reviews. Also established a sub-beat covering standup comedy in Minneapolis/St. Paul, beginning in 1978. Was one of but a few fulltime jazz writers on a daily newspaper in the U.S.


Retired in 1998 from fulltime work at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, but continued through 2001 to write weekly (Sunday) reviews of jazz recordings.


As freelance jazz writer/critic, write jazz CD reviews from 2001-Present for the Sunday Pittsburgh, PA. Post-Gazette.


2003-Present: Occasional jazz CD reviews and feature articles for the Thursday A&E section Showcase in the Erie (PA) Times-News, and the New York, PA, Ohio regional magazine Artefakt..



1971-76 and 1990-Present: Down Beat magazine writer, reviewer and correspondent, doing interviews, profile features, and concert and club reviews. Presently listed as the Pittsburgh correspondent.

Early 1970s: Wrote features and recording and concert reviews, and was a contributing editor for “Mpls.,’’ a monthly Twin Cities magazine, as well as its predecessor, “Twin Citian.’’ During the same period, also wrote features and reviews for the “Insider,’’ still another Twin Cities monthly music publication.

1998-2001: Wrote jazz previews for the Twin Cities weekly newspaper City Pages.



1965: The Emery A. Brownell Award from the National Public Defender and Legal Aid Association, Chicago, for coverage leading to the establishment of a public defender system in Erie County, Pa.

1967: Cited for a series of articles on derelicts and alcoholism leading to the establishment of several half-way houses in Erie, Pa. for the care and treatment of problem drinkers and the homeless. The program, featured in a Parade magazine article, was regarded as a national model.

1968: First Place Page One Award, Critical Comment, for a review of a Buddy Rich concert.

1969: Honorable Mention Page One Award, Series, for articles on slum housing in St. Paul.

1971: First Place, Page One Award, Breaking News, for story about the end of the postal strike in Minneapolis.

1972: Third Place, Page One Award, Breaking News, for story on the first national black police conference, which was held in St. Paul.

Second Place, Page One Award, Series, for articles on how little had been done for minority businesses.

1973: First Place, Page One Awards, Series, for articles on the innovative St. Paul Open School.

1974:  Third Place, Page One Awards, Series, for articles exploring  whether or not there would (or should) be amnesty for Vietnam War resisters and deserters.

Second Place, Page One Awards, Features, for column on jazz big-band leader Woody Herman.

Third Place, Page One Award, Light Feature, for article on an arm wrestler from Minneapolis.

Mid-1970s: Minnesota School Bell Awards given by the Minnesota Education Association—one for a series of articles on the St. Paul Open School, the other for a series on alternative education in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

1975: Second Place, Page One Award, Critical Comment, for review of jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

1983: Second Place, Page One Award, Arts and Criticism, for a review of singers Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert.

1984: Second Place, Page One Award, Arts and Criticism, for a review of comedian Red Skelton.

1990: First Place, Page One Award, Arts and Criticism, for interview-feature on comedian Henny Youngman.

(NOTE: Page One Awards are open to all Minnesota journalists, and entries are judged at other U.S. newspapers.)



1981: One of the founding members and a board member of the Twin Cities Jazz Society.

1986:  Founding member of the Jazz Journalists Association (JJA), an international organization currently with about 500 members.

1988: Inducted into the Minnesota Jazz Hall of Fame, one of only two non-musicians so honored among the 30-plus members.

2000: Received the locally-prestigious Connie Hechter Award from the Minnesota Music Academy for significant contributions to the Twin Cities and Minnesota music scenes by a non-musician/non-performer.

2003-Present: Elected a board member of JazzErie, an organization of jazz fans in the Erie, Pa. region. Write and co-edit JazzErie’s monthly newsletter (“Jazz Notes’’), chair the Performance Committee, which involved choosing and booking artists, selecting venues, and helping to promote/market a 2004-2005 season comprising 9 shows (Sept., 2004-April, 2005). The season was unprecedented in JazzErie’s 10-year history and a huge artistic and financial success.